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Ready to unleash your confidence?

Hi, I'm Emily,
an online nutritionist
& PT.


& I'm dedicated to empower physical and emotional wellbeing through seamless approaches which; consider your lifestyle, aim to improve your relationship with food, and overcome limiting and negative self-beliefs all while making it easy to achieve your biggest health goals.

What can I do for you?

I'm dedicated to transforming your relationship with your body, mind, food, and exercise by building personalised approaches which tailor your unique lifestyle and preferences. It's important to prioritise your education and support in a relatable, easy-to-understand manner which not only increases motivation but gives you the tools to maintain your results for life.

As someone who has suffered from an eating disorder, I'm passionate about helping others towards a healthier and happier lifestyle by integrating physical and emotional well-being.

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Custom Meal Plan Coaching

Custom Calories & Macros Coaching

Weight Loss

Meal plans don't need to be restrictive or dreaded. In fact, with the right approach - meal plans create consistency in routine, demonstrate what a healthy day of eating looks like, and saves money grocery shopping. 

This approach is great if you've learnt to track calories previously but don't let that scare you away, if you haven't before. Learning how to track calories is what we love to teach and it gives you the education to maintain your results for life.

Whether you're looking to lose 5kg or 50kg - the principle is still the same. It requires a calorie deficit paired with a large focus on the psychology of weight loss. This can include; understanding what confirmation bias is to change your identity, overcoming negative self talk, and so much more.

Tone Up

Improve Relationships with Food

Support PCOS

Fun Fact: When you say tone up, what you actually mean is to simultaneously lose body fat and gain muscle mass.

This approach is best achieved when paired with a custom training routine (yes, we can cover that too!).

Ever feel guilty for eating certain foods? Or disappointed when you fall off track? Do you say f**k it after eating one meal off-plan, then throw away the entire day?
These are only some signs of an unhealthy relationship which we can work on together.

It's estimated up to 10% of women have PCOS, yet very few women are told how to support their PCOS through any means except medication.


 With the right lifestyle changes, nutrition shifts, and supplement routine - PCOS can easily be supported.

Trusted by over 1000+ women since 2017,
Throughout the country.

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"I'm feeling so much stronger and confident. I didn't expect to change so much. I just turned 40 and feel the best I have ever"

- Belinda Marshall

"I was nervous at first but Emily made me feel so comfortable and supported. Not only has my body composition changed but I feel so much confident in every aspect of my life."

- Emily McKellar

"I always used to feel bloated and horrible but I now have so much more confidence and I feel good about myself. Emily is amazing and I'm so grateful for her support"

- Ashleigh Verburg

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Let's find an approach that works for you

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